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Mr. Ambassador of Korea lived a unique experience in CoopeVictoria.

For the first time he collected coffee on a farm belonging to our associates.

He also lived closely the processing of sugar in our Ingenio.


Last Friday, January 18, the Ambassador of the Republic of South Korea in Costa Rica, Mr. Chan-Sik Yoon, visited the estate of Mr. José Luis Porras. Mr. Yoon was anxious to learn about the process of harvesting the coffee he had tasted last November, when he visited CoopeVictoria for the first time. Accompanied also by the Lord Mayor of the Local Government of Greece, Mr. Minor Molina and other collaborators, Yoon with a basket on his waist, he collected for the first time, the red bandolas (small branches on the botton of the coffe plant) of a coffee plant in excellent condition. Also, the ambassador shared with the family of Mr. José Luis, knew technical details of their cultivation and harvest; and he remembered with great enthusiasm his childhood in Korea, when he also helped his parents in agricultural work. This experience is part of a process of strengthening the bonds of friendship with the sister nation of South Korea. For the canton it means an important opportunity to attract investment projects and for CoopeVictoria the entrance to a strategic market in Asia. The quality of our coffee, as well as the warmth and effort of our producers, make up an invaluable stamp that distinguishes us in the region. Today coffee is one of the most popular drinks in Korea; and CoopeVictoria coffee has great potential to stand out in that market. At the end of the day, Mr. Yoon also marveled at the process that follows the elaboration of sugar in the Cooperative’s Sugar Mill. With the beginning of the harvest, the effort of dozens of collaborators and sugarcane producers that make CoopeVictoria great is also exposed. CoopeVictoria reinvents itself by looking at new markets that are the future and guarantee greater well-being for our associates. Therefore, efforts and negotiations must continue in search of the best possible treatment.