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CoopeVictoria showed the essence of its coffee to important Chinese delegation

Delegation formed by the Ambassador in Costa Rica, his Counselor for Commercial Affairs and his assistant.

The CoopeVictoria Café was the star of Costa Rica at the last China International Importers Exhibition (CIIE), the first of its kind and the largest in Shanghai. Such was his role that the ambassador of the People’s Republic of China in Costa Rica, Mr. Tang Heng wanted to know him personally.

On January 24, Mr. Heng arrived promptly at CoopeVictoria accompanied by his business affairs coordinator, Mr. Zhai and his assistant, Ms. Helena. None had previously visited a coffee plantation, much less collected its red fruits; so the Cooperative prepared an experience full of tradition and values ​​that represent the essence of their coffee.

On the farm of our associate, Mr. Walter Oviedo; Soon the baskets were filled with ripe fruit. In the middle of that beautiful landscape, the curious questions and the anecdotes, Mr. Heng and his team knew the best way, the cooperative culture and the effort behind a cup of coffee. Later, from the baskets it was passed to cupping. Little by little the secrets of our drink were unveiled and our guests understood the added value that characterizes Café Victoria. Undoubtedly, the best representation that Costa Rican coffee had in China. It has been almost 12 years since Costa Rica formalized its diplomatic relations with the People’s Republic of China. Since then, this nation has become an important strategic partner for the region. According to data from Procomer (Promoter of Foreign Trade of Costa Rica), only during 2018 exports to that country amounted to 162 million dollars for our country. Today CoopeVictoria is the first Costa Rican Cooperative that exports its coffee to China; which represents a very important step on the road in the consolidation of customers and potential buyers of our special coffee bean in that market.

With the collaboration of the ambassador and his distinguished delegation, CoopeVictoria will strengthen its relationship with this dynamic market; raising the effort of all our associates.