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Comercio Justo – Fairtrade

Comercio Justo – Fairtrade


Fair Trade (Comercio Justo) is an international certification that promotes good socio-environmental practices and puts people at the center of production.

It is important for the organization because it allows a socially and environmentally responsible management system, which in turn allows access to differentiated markets that value sustainable agriculture.


When placing products under the Fairtrade seal (coffee and sugar) in international markets, associates receive a prize (or premium) that is used for different activities such as the following:

Activity Description
Improvement in the price paid to coffee producersLarge part of the Fair Trade premium is used to support producers, since agricultural production in Costa Rica has very high costs, this extra price also helps to stimulate production so that they do not abandon the coffee activity and can count with a fairer payment for his work. The surcharge consists of an economic bonus for each bushel of coffee delivered by the producer.
Extra payment for cane sugar productionThe distribution of national sugar production in Costa Rica affects small producers, who are adversely affected in the final price. That is why CoopeVictoria devotes an important part of the prize received for sugar sales to generate an extra payment to the producer for each kilogram of sugar obtained, to compensate almost 100% the aforementioned problems.
PRODUCTIVITY AND TRAININGAnnually a percentage of the prize is allocated to improve the productivity of the plantations of the associates and the fertility of the soil. This through actions such as: delivery of a bonus of inputs such as dolomite lime, technological packages, new coffee plants or others according to the need of each moment.
In addition, other important points such as constant training of members in meeting the criteria, handling of chemical products, good agricultural practices, is why a percentage of the award is also allocated to these functions.
The generation of added value is one of the main strategies to improve the quality of life of producers, which is why CoopeVictoria partners have decided to invest part of the prize in the development and research of new markets, for example through participation in fairs or commercial tours in Europe and Asia.
One of our main objectives is to generate development projects that offer new opportunities to the communities. That is why we have developed the project "Sumando ideas cambiamos el mundo"(Adding up ideas we will change the world) with the use of the prize. This is a project that is carried out annually.
This consists of a call for projects that support the strengthening of development initiatives in the institutions of the region. For example, in the 2018 edition a call was made for educational centers where the development of school cooperatives and organic gardens in schools was promoted, awarding $ 6000 to the 3 winning institutions.
CoopeVictoria associates have voluntarily allocated a percentage of the prize received to community aid, is focused on collaborating economically with different institutions, such as: nursing homes, schools, colleges, sports committees, charities, centers for adolescents with drug addiction, associations that promote the protection of the environment and communal recycling centers. In addition, part of this percentage is destined to improvements of roads or highways in the communities of the area of influence.
These grants usually consist of improvements in infrastructure, carrying out activities, purchase of supplies, donation in cash, among others.
DEVELOPMENT OF PROJECTS FOR THE PROJECTION OF THE ENVIRONMENT- Reforestation: Every year, the "Fair Trade Reforestation Area" project aims to promote the care of the environment in young people through field and didactic learning activities, and the importance of reforestation is accompanied.
- Campaigns to clean local rivers: CoopeVictoria belongs to a rescue and monitoring committee of local rivers. Every year awareness and clean-up campaigns are carried out in vulnerable rivers, for example the "Río Agualote". These campaigns mobilize a large number of volunteers from the Cooperative, as well as resources to achieve the goal.
- Cane-burning prevention campaigns: Sugarcane plantations are highly vulnerable to vandalism, which has a strong impact on the environment, the community and the productivity of the plantations. That is why annually is invested in an awareness campaign that includes actions such as:
road marking, posters, social networks, outreach in the community, among others
Clean energy production through recyclingSince 2010, the cooperative has developed a project that has as main objectives the generation of biodiesel as a substitute for fossil fuel. This project has allowed the development of educational workshops on the recycling of cooking oil, establishment of collection centers, recycling of more than 500 thousand liters of oil and production of 400 thousand liters of biodiesel, for use by the cooperative's vehicles and its associates. This ambitious project has been strengthened thanks to the support of the fair trade prize, which has enabled us to train more children and generate better sensitivity.
Support for workersThanks to the certification the committee of workers is created, the members have allocated a percentage of the prize, (which is administered by the committee) to carry out training activities, recreational, sports and preventive activities for health. The fund for associated workers provides an economic contribution to stimulate the growth of the associative base.