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Certifications and Recognitions

Our cooperative is characterized by having high parameters of quality in its processes, final products and management models friendly to the environment and social commitment, which is why it currently has the following certifications and awards that demonstrate it:

• Grecia Brand: Cantonal brand promoted by the Local Government of the Canton of Grecia to highlight its companies, its attractions and its people in the minds of tourists and investors.

• RAINFOREST: international certification of good environmental management of agricultural farms.

• COSTA RICA ESSENTIAL: This is the country brand for Costa Rica, it is the way in which is projected to the world to promote its products and services of high quality, sustainability, excellence, innovation and others.

 For coffee, there is an international quality certification in the production processes and final product.

Food safety risk management throughout the supply chain.

• FAIR TRADE: international certification that stipulates compliance parameters such as: fair payment to producers, and workers, adequate use of agrochemicals, environmental protection, compliance with social guarantees, prohibition of child labor, commitment to the community, among others.

• C.A.F.E Practices: This program seeks to promote the sustainable quality of green coffee, the social and environmental sustainability of producers and thus commercialize with Starbucks Coffee Company.